Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Rush

You stand at the line with the rest
The stance which is almost perfect
In your mind you know this is no test
All fingers on ground, knee bent down
You know this is what you do best.

You know how this works,
On the count of 3 you run.
Looks easy isn’t it?
Let me tell you its not.
Not when you put feelings into it.

When the gun shot fires
You wait no second
You chase your desires
Looking no where but the finish line
To get the start lead your heart aspires

What you do every second
Now becomes a skill
Your breathing is burdened
You get that rush when you run,
You try not to look frightened

You huff and puff with the 1 second lead,
20 meters so far so long,
You know this is it,
And from the corner of your eye
You spot that maybe it’s not

One moment of diversion
And you very well know
What you want won’t happen
That is the moment
The one wherein you take the leap
And that moment is forever yours to keep

Its hard to explain in such a small space
The joy and kill of winning a 100 meter race


  1. this is awesome
    wat description :) :)
    only a person who has won a race this way wud be able 2 explain this
    have won many races but the 1 in my first yr with darryl n others cheering me 2 the line with raheel just at the tip of my heel was awesome

  2. The only time when I came second in a race my teacher discredited me as I was never your usual athlete.

    It must feel awesome eh. You are lucky too. That is what a kid win the race. At least once.

  3. Now i know how much you love athletics :)
    I can soooo feel it(although I always lose in a running race :P :P )

    Amazing post :D

  4. @samson: i knew you would relate to it! :)
    @shraddha: its a brilliant feeling to be able to cross the finishing line and see no one else do it before you. :)

  5. @preeti: thank you! this post was straight from the heart! *tch tch.. cliche* :P

  6. nice description.. Reminded me of my hurdles win.
    I came second in hurdles (long legs maybe.. :P)
    And then I got so hyper that I dislodged a muscle in the sprint.. Never tried sprinting that way after that :/

  7. I dnt know if dislodged is the right word, par thoda locha ho gaya tha... Heat of the moment, truly.. only an athlete knows that

  8. @shashank: heat of the moment mein race mein kuch bhi ho sakta hai! i have seen players abuse eachother during the race! :P

  9. straight from the heart!!:))

  10. Well, I loved it seeing it live n thus cherish every word of this...
    Gr8 work shri - on n off the field..!!! :)


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