Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Seated unwillingly with the window near,
Nothing around me to make me cheer.
Chirpy, merry and bright it was outside,
But dark, tearful and gloomy on the inside.

Of only one thing I truly desire,
Grant me something I so aspire.
I yearn for freedom, I long for liberty,
Why am I treated so indifferently?

This bondage ties me down,
The captivity of it makes me frown.
A reason, a bright side to it I fail to see,
All I want to do is merely break free.

This provides me no solace,
Because of it I have lost my grace.
Being held in clutches is something I don't need,
It solely makes my heart bleed.

Descending from above the rains are here,
Straight from heaven comes the treasure.
The enslavement that I cant take anymore,
Determined to shine forth, I head towards the door.

Its claws held me tight, I was still in its clasp,
Tried my best to get past its grasp.
Flung my wheel chair into the air
Right towards the sky I stare.

Drops of purity fall on my face,
I feel you God, I feel your grace.
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