Thursday, September 2, 2010


What makes a difference
What leads to a change
Dialectic in the mind
Commonness is entirely unforeseen

Moving about the self made ideals
His own shadow is his company
Challenged, tested and untested
His is not a borrowed brain

The one who walks
On the untrodden path
The thinking inbuilt or developed
Is to set him apart

Hoodwinking the illusions
A sense of difference sways
Is a genius born or is he made?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Besieged love

The sound of the gusty wind, the drizzle of the rain, that of anguish, guilt and redemption, all echoed through her ears emancipating her from the pain. Clouds hovered over the sky, still and dark not unlike her mind, innocently they lay above her. Drop by drop descending on the planet, the rain cleaned out all the impure blood. Blood that she considered impure. Blood that she thought was the mark of a traitor. Blood that besieged her.
She had now made her decision.

My kingdom of thought I reign secure
Not a part of it is close to being impure
To seize it from me you try hard
Once given but now I stand guard

The blood now was washed off. All with the feelings, with the remorse.
The raindrops seemed to be piercing her. They were too pure for her now. The blood trickled down her feet. The same feet which he caught to beg her pardon. Apologized a thousand times for his betrayal. Tried hard to convince her. But it was all in vain. He was too late. She was wounded. So deep that it couldn’t be healed. Not by his tall promises which didn’t seem to soothe her. He clutched her hand in his. Locked her eyes with his. Pulled her close. She knew this was for the one last time.

Reminiscing about the bygone days, she closed her eyes. Her entire past running before her eyes, too fast for her to catch the details. Memories flew back making her nostalgic. She was reminded of the days of their courtship. They were on the same bridge the first time they met. This handsome young man in front of her had done everything to get her love. But a little more than everything that made her hate him so much now. With bated breath she looked up at the sky, the wisps of dark clouds made her realize and brought her back to reality. All she wanted was justice.

Taking the lead, leading my mind to its grave
Now that its shattered but once used to be brave
I follow you but later I stray
To my God that I religiously pray

The lifeless diluted blood joined the puddles of mud next to his cold body. Not knowing what to do next she kept walking away from him. Away from everything. The ‘him’ had now taken form of an ‘it’. She bore no resentment in mind for what she had done. The dreams that she had seen for them would never be real. Never in her life she thought that they would get shattered, that too in this way. Surpassing all these emotions she kept walking. With this night her entire life would change. To see the morning sun she did not desire. She could not face its brightness, it shone too bright for her like the raindrops too pure. A cool breeze blew across her face, with the smell of nothingness in it. It brushed across her face leaving her life to a standstill.
Defeated or victorious was she?

You seem to know the secret door
Or am I weak and let you go
The mind you killed, heart died on its own
Thousand reasons I have about to moan

All she felt was numbness. There was no one to turn for an answer. Would God forgive her for this inhumane act? Silencing her conscience, a scream trapped in her throat. Even if she did let it out whom would she be yelling at. She was scared plenty at this immortal truth. Every twitch and flicker that appeared across her face had asked for justice. There was no turning back now.

To destroy me there comes the killer again
I wont let you, not this time again

Unlocking the door she stepped inside. The house once chaotic with their laughter and love now remained silent. Unaware and unmoved by what had happened today the house looked the same except for the missing liveliness that they brought in. The windows flapped open and shut again as if signaling to her something. The rose sapling at the window looked at her, they knew nothing of her poignant situation. Neither about the sadness she experienced. It had been the most beautiful day for her when he gifted the rose sapling to her. Oh! What a lovely day it was! She couldn’t hold herself back any more.

I yell, I shout, I scream
I like, I love, I feel
All this in zero words
Two tears out and gone, flew like a bird

She smiled back at the roses.

They were her only ray of hope. Only way of recovery and his last living sign.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wisps of clouds floated in the air,
Its reflection clear in the lake.
Amidst the forest a disturbing silence swayed,
Unperturbed by it, with the wind the leaves played.

Fallen leaves rustled,
Around the corner of the bush,
It ran for its life,
To not be someone else' food.

The stealthy legs carried its body,
Running in a manner brisk and smooth.
The distance lessened, the catch was near.
A leap forward and the victory was clear.

With thumping heart and bated breath,
A last attempt for survival was made,
But now escape was a wishful thinking,
Its body would be meat in a blinking.

The tiger got the deer,
the man, the tiger.
Defying nature and its say,
Man portrays irony in his own way.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Seated unwillingly with the window near,
Nothing around me to make me cheer.
Chirpy, merry and bright it was outside,
But dark, tearful and gloomy on the inside.

Of only one thing I truly desire,
Grant me something I so aspire.
I yearn for freedom, I long for liberty,
Why am I treated so indifferently?

This bondage ties me down,
The captivity of it makes me frown.
A reason, a bright side to it I fail to see,
All I want to do is merely break free.

This provides me no solace,
Because of it I have lost my grace.
Being held in clutches is something I don't need,
It solely makes my heart bleed.

Descending from above the rains are here,
Straight from heaven comes the treasure.
The enslavement that I cant take anymore,
Determined to shine forth, I head towards the door.

Its claws held me tight, I was still in its clasp,
Tried my best to get past its grasp.
Flung my wheel chair into the air
Right towards the sky I stare.

Drops of purity fall on my face,
I feel you God, I feel your grace.
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