Saturday, June 5, 2010


Wisps of clouds floated in the air,
Its reflection clear in the lake.
Amidst the forest a disturbing silence swayed,
Unperturbed by it, with the wind the leaves played.

Fallen leaves rustled,
Around the corner of the bush,
It ran for its life,
To not be someone else' food.

The stealthy legs carried its body,
Running in a manner brisk and smooth.
The distance lessened, the catch was near.
A leap forward and the victory was clear.

With thumping heart and bated breath,
A last attempt for survival was made,
But now escape was a wishful thinking,
Its body would be meat in a blinking.

The tiger got the deer,
the man, the tiger.
Defying nature and its say,
Man portrays irony in his own way.


  1. Aha! I see a revival :D
    I love this poem...your last lines are the best! =)

  2. i ve read this..u know my thoughts on this...nice to see a revival

  3. hey shri, nice poem!! :D
    keep writtin poems yaar...i luv 2 read dem.. :D :*

  4. That is awesome. The Tiger is one of the many animals that we are mercilessly slaying. They deserve as much space in this world as we do.
    Keep it going, SL..this is the best one so far imo :)
    and Lets the save the Tiger, for god's's too beautiful an animal for the next generation to not see.


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